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Upcoming Version Better Handles Global/Local Rules 
Saturday, July 7, 2007, 03:18 PM - Code Style Enforcer
Well, I finally got some more time over to see over how the global and local rules are handled in Code Style Enforcer. First of all in the global Configurator application it's now possible to specify a location for the global rules. The default rules, shipped with CSE, are now located in a separate folder, thus always making it possible to revert any changes.

Creating/opening a solution in Visual Studio brings up a dialog where it's possible to select whether to link in the global rules or to add them as local rules in the solution. At the same time it’s possible to select whether to activate Code Style Enforcer for the solution or not. The choices made here are now remembered the next time the solution is opened, I know, pretty revolutionary :).

If selecting "No" on the question to activate Code Style Enforcer, and you later change your mind, it’s still possible to activate CSE through the Context Menu on the Solution. This will bring up the same CSE dialog again making it possible to select global or local rules.

I hope a lot of you will be satisfied with this solution, since it now supports the best from both worlds, i.e. global or local rules for a solution. I have some minor testing to do before releasing this new version, but I will put it up here within a few days!
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New Version of Code Style Enforcer 2.1.11 
Monday, June 4, 2007, 06:43 PM - Code Style Enforcer
Two bugs fixed in this minor release.

• Visibility rules settings not saved when changing them in tree view.

• CSE configurator application lost global rule settings for pages not visited.
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New Version of Code Style Enforcer 2.1.10 
Friday, June 1, 2007, 08:02 PM - Code Style Enforcer
I am now releasing a new minor version of Code Style Enforcer, where a fix has been made for an unfortunate bug in DXCore 2.2.2, which made Code Style Enforcer report invalid rule violations.

Besides this bug fix, there are some improvements coming from DXCore 2.2.2, namely experimental support for Visual Studio Codename "Orcas" and improved performance of the C# parser by approximately 30%.
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Continuous Integration for Code Style Enforcer 
Friday, June 1, 2007, 05:20 PM - Code Style Enforcer
I have now made a quite impressive MSBuild script for Code Style Enforcer. The script upgrades version numbers for assemblies and setup files, builds assemblies, runs tests, builds setup, deploys setup, commits changes and creates a tag in subversion.

Cruise Control .NET is used for triggering the build when anything changes in the trunk and it also gives you a nice web dashboard with information about the builds. The Cruise Control Tray application is also good enough for instant status about the build process.

For a very nice tutorial about implementing continuous integration with MSBuild scripts and Cruise Control .NET, see this blog post by Carel Lotz from the South African .NET Developer Portal.

Visit the MSBuild Community Tasks Project for a lot of useful MSBuild tasks to include in script.

Hopefully this will increase the speed of Code Style Enforcer releases, which unfortunately has been rather low lately. I have made a small update though, which solves the bug in DXCore 2.2.2, described here.

So for all of those who are using the latest DXCore version, stay put, since there will be a new release this weekend!
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Bug in DXCore 2.2.2 
Sunday, May 27, 2007, 06:38 PM - Code Style Enforcer
Some users of Code Style Enforcer have complained about DXCore 2.2.2 together with Code Style Enforcer. There is actually a bug in the latest DXCore, which makes Code Style Enforcer behave strange and report invalid rule violations, e.g. visibility and interface implementations.

I have reported this to DevExpress and they will have it fixed for their next release. I am now trying to get an answer to when this will be. Until then and if possible use DXCore 2.1.3, which I know will work, or bare with me until the next DXCore version is released.

Read more about the issue here "http://community.devexpress.com/forums/ ... 84403.aspx".
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