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  • 2013
    • January
      • Having problems with the FluidMoveBehavior being delayed?
        I use the FluidMoveBehavior in .NET 4 for animating the movement of an item between two different ItemsControls. In WPF however the behavior is not always what you expect, since the item sometimes first visible ends up in the target ItemsControl before the actual animation kicks in.


  • 2012
    • June
      • Unable to activate Windows Metro style application
        Frustrated about getting this error message when trying to run/debug a Metro style application that worked just a few minutes ago? Well, some blog and forum posts suggest removing the bin and obj folders, but this did not work for me. I finally found out though, that the problem in my case was relat

    • February
      • Code Style Enforcer 3.5 Released
        Cenito Software AB, the company I now work for, has acquired the rights for Code Style Enforcer. This is very good news since it hopefully means that there will be more time for improvements and new features.

        Code Style Enforcer 3.5 is now here, and better than ever. A reworked and more f

  • 2011
  • 2010
    • December
    • November
      • Code Style Enforcer v.Next
        I thought I was going to enlighten you all of what's currently going on with Code Style Enforcer.

        Right now I'm looking into a more flexible code rule system, where it should be possible to fine tune rules based on a combination of code type (field, method, etc.), visibility (pu

    • October
      • Code Style Enforcer 3.0.32 Beta for Visual Studio 2010
        Here is the latest and so far the greatest version of Code Style Enforcer for Visual Studio 2010, closing in on all the features from Code Style Enforcer for Visual Studio 2008, but with some improvements of course.

        Code Style Enforcer 3.0.32 requires the latest version of DXCore, that is

    • September
      • Code Style Enforcer 3.0.17 Beta for Visual Studio 2010
        Since I'm now back at work, since a couple of weeks, after a very relaxing vacation, I've also managed to get the time to add some missing, and improved, features to Code Style Enforcer for Visual Studio 2010.

        Code Style Enforcer 3.0.17 Beta

        New Features

    • July
      • New Beta Release of Code Style Enforcer for Visual Studio 2010
        Code Style Enforcer 3.0.13 Beta

        New Features

        New improved activation dialog in WPF.

        Tooltips added with descriptions of the code rule violations (presented when hovering over a violation).

        Smarttags added for correcting name and visibility rule viola

      • Upcoming Features in Code Style Enforcer 2010
        The features I'm working on right now, for the next beta version, are a quick info tooltip describing the reason for a violation and a smart tag for correcting code rule violations.

        I will also look into getting the context menu items for activate/deactivate on projects and solution

    • June
      • Code Style Enforcer for Visual Studio 2010 Released
        Code Style Enforcer is currently being rewritten for Visual Studio 2010 utilizing the new editor extension capabilities. Code Style Enforcer 3.0.7 Beta is the first step towards this goal and it therefore still missing some of the core functionality from the previous releases. These features will be

      • Code Style Enforcer 2010 Under Development
        Since a lot of faithful users have been asking about support for Visual Studio 2010, I can now announce that I have come a good way in the development of this next version.

        I'm rewriting quite a lot to utilize the new editor extension capabilities in Visual Studio 2010. The first rel

    • March
      • Code Style Enforcer 2.2.34
        Today I'm releasing a very minor version change of Code Style Enforcer where the only difference to 2.2.10 is that it is compiled against DXCore v2009 vol 3.3 (9.3.3). The reason for this is that a few users have experienced problems with the combination of Code Style Enforcer 2.2.10 and the la

    • January
      • MSBuild 4 Fails Building Device Projects Outside Visual Studio 2010
        I recently wrote a blog post about a workaround for building .NET Compact Framework (Smart Device) projects in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2.

        This workes perfectly fine when building it inside Visual Studio 2010, but when building it from the command line using MSBuild 4.0 it fails, complaini

  • 2009
    • December
      • TestDriven.NET Complains About Apartment State Not Being STA in Visual Studio 2010
        Today I installed TestDriven.NET version 3 Alpha which works great in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, except for one thing. Many tests failed due to an InvalidOperationException being thrown, stating that the calling thread must be STA.

        I know that I had configured the apartment state to STA i

      • Making Visual Studio 2010 Perform Better in VMWare.
        Are you experiencing very bad performance, crashes or painting problems when running Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 in a virtual machine, like VMWare? I did experience this in VMWare, e.g. VS 2010 crashed when creating new projects, painting problems in the new project dialog, etc.

        I found th

      • Open and Build .NET Compact Framework Projects in Visual Studio 2010
        .NET Compact Framework (Smart Device) projects are still not supported in Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010, but there is a workaround until support is added in the final version.

        Things to change in VS 2008 .NET Compact Framework (Smart Device) projects to make them load and build in VS 2010

    • April
      • Support is Coming for DXCore 9.1.3
        DevExpress recently released new versions of DXCore, CodeRush & Refactor, where they have a new versioning and installation structure.

        A new version of Code Style Enforcer is on the way, with support for the latest DXCore. The only difference, really, is the installation path of the

    • February
      • Sony Sucks When It Comes to Support and Guarantee for Playstation 3
        I write this to inform you all about my experiences with the horrible Sony support in Sweden. It all started when the blueray drive in my one year old PS3 (40 Gb) stopped reading blueray discs, games and movies. I then contacted the support in order to try to get it fixed, guarantee or no guarantee.

  • 2008
    • November
      • Quick Navigation in CodeRush
        A lot of Resharper people are complaining about the lack of CTRL + T (Go to type) feature in CodeRush, but I can now happily announce that a similar feature does exist.

        The feature is called QuickNav in CodeRush and it must be manually configured in the DevExpress Options menu. Below the

      • New Version Finally Here!
        The new Code Style Enforcer version is 2.2.10.

        New Features

        Settings file and default location for custom rules is changed to the user's documents folder. UAC should no longer be an issue.

        Rules are now only enforced for C# and VB projects/documents.

    • September
      • New Version on its Way!
        It's been way to long since I released a new version of Code Style Enforcer, but now I've finally took the time to get back into the code.

        A new version can be expected really soon, it will mainly contain some fixes for reported bugs, e.g. invalid violations reported for implici

      • There is no Virus!
        Today when I got back home from work I saw that Avast updated its virus definitions, so now it doesn't report a virus/worm anymore.

        I must say that Avast took this false positive very seriously, since they fixed it within 24 hours.

        Happy Enforcing!

      • Virus? False Positive Detected in Setup.exe
        A couple of users have reported that Avast reports a virus/worm in the Code Style Enforcer zip file, or in the setup.exe to be more precise.

        This seems to be a false positive, based on the following reasons.

        I've scanned my computer without any viruses being found, but as

    • March
      • Code Style Enforcer 2.2 Released
        Besides support for Visual Studio 2008, heavy optimizations have been made to the code rule violations engine. DXCore 3.0.5+ is now required for Code Style Enforcer, since DXCore 2.5+ didnt work well with code analysis in background threads.

        So What's New?

        New Features
      • No Keyboard Input in Modeless WPF Window
        Today I encountered the weirdest problem, when showing a WPF Window from a Windows Forms application. When writing letters and numbers into a textbox nothing happened, but space and backspace together with shortcuts for Cut, Copy and Paste worked as expected.

        I first thought there must be

    • February
      • I Can See The Light
        Developer Express now seems to have fixed the deadlock issue during background code analysis, in DXCore 2.5+. I have received one of their daily build version containing this fix and I will try it more thoroughly this week, but it looks very promising.

        I now hope that they will merge the

    • January
      • Stuck in the Middle
        Unfortunately Ive ran into some problems with my optimization plans and DXCore 3.0+ as well. Im really satisfied with my optimization code for Code Style Enforcer, but unfortunately DXCore doesnt work very well with background thread analysis, resulting deadlock related situations.

        I w

      • Code Style Enforcer and DXCore Version 3
        DXCore version 3 is now available for download, but currently version 2 is the only supported version by Code Style Enforcer. The next release of CSE will be a performance upgrade, where optimizations have been made to the code rules checking engine, i.e. read previous log post.

        After tha

  • 2007
    • December
      • Optimizing for a New Year
        Whats going on with Code Style Enforcer, you might ask?! Well, lately Ive been investigating performance issues related to CSE. In my team at work, some team members have been experiencing lag in Visual Studio when typing or scrolling in the code editor. It turned out that it had to do with CSE, s

    • November
      • Rules Are Not Loaded?!
        I noticed a strange behavior today, in Visual Studio 2008. When I load a solution, the rules for Code Style Enforcer doesn't seem to be loaded. If I close the solution and open it up again, it is however, so nothing seems to happen the first time.

        I'm not sure if this has someth

      • DevConnections Is Coming Up
        It's time for DevConnections, Las Vegas, in the next week, chaired by Juval Lwy and Carl Franklin. Juval Lwy, from IDesign, is the man behind the C# code standard used by Code Style Enforcer, as default rules.

        I'm really looking forward to this conference and to Las Vegas of c

      • Code Style Enforcer 2.1.32 Released
        First of all I'd like to thank you all for using, or at least trying out, Code Style Enforcer. I've had over 2000 unique downloads of the latest 2.1.29 version.

        Now Code Style Enforcer 2.1.32 is here with one main feature in focus, due to user requests, and that is report genera

    • October
      • What's Going On?!
        Its been quite some time now, since I last posted some information about whats going on. Well, to tell you the truth, Ive been rather busy lately, changing employer among other things. So, unfortunately Ive not been having that much time with Code Style Enforcer, but hopefully that will change.<

    • August
      • New Version 2.1.29 of Code Style Enforcer
        Here comes a new version with some minor, but yet quite inconvenient, bug fixes. Almost eight hundred unique downloads of version 2.1.25, closing in on one thousand ;)! Feels very good that so many are downloading it and at least are trying it out. Thanks!

        New Features

        Code S

      • Bug Fixes in the Next Release
        The upcoming version, will be released with a couple of days, and will most probably not contain any new features but instead some minor bug fixes.

        Bugs Fixed:
        Workaround due to a bug in DXCore, which made Visual Studio crash when interhiting yourself, i.e. same sub class as base c

    • July
      • Code Style Enforcer 2.1.25 Released
        Server is now up and running with all data restored. It went a little better than expected so here is a new version of Code Style Enforcer with some added name rules and visibility rules.

        In order to get the default rule standards for the new code types, make sure to press the default but

      • Server HD Crash!
        Yesterday our Build/SVN/CI Server gave up, the HD suddenly sounded like THUMP THUMP DDRR GRR THUMP THUMP, yeah you know the drill...

        Where are all backups when you need them, well I will try to get all data back and have the server up and running again as soon as possible, but it will hav

      • More Rules to Come
        Right now Im working on extending the code rule architecture, making it possible to add name rules to more code types. The upcoming version, which probably will be released the next week, will first of all include new name rules for enumerations, enumeration values, exceptions, attributes and deleg

      • New Version of Code Style Enforcer 2.1.22
        This release is mainly about how global and local rules are handled in Code Style Enforcer, read previous blog post for more information.

        Possible to specify a custom folder for global rules, in the Configurator application.

        Activation dialog in Visual Studio extended with

      • Upcoming Version Better Handles Global/Local Rules
        Well, I finally got some more time over to see over how the global and local rules are handled in Code Style Enforcer. First of all in the global Configurator application it's now possible to specify a location for the global rules. The default rules, shipped with CSE, are now located in a sepa

    • June
      • New Version of Code Style Enforcer 2.1.11
        Two bugs fixed in this minor release.

        Visibility rules settings not saved when changing them in tree view.

        CSE configurator application lost global rule settings for pages not visited.

      • New Version of Code Style Enforcer 2.1.10
        I am now releasing a new minor version of Code Style Enforcer, where a fix has been made for an unfortunate bug in DXCore 2.2.2, which made Code Style Enforcer report invalid rule violations.

        Besides this bug fix, there are some improvements coming from DXCore 2.2.2, namely experimental s

      • Continuous Integration for Code Style Enforcer
        I have now made a quite impressive MSBuild script for Code Style Enforcer. The script upgrades version numbers for assemblies and setup files, builds assemblies, runs tests, builds setup, deploys setup, commits changes and creates a tag in subversion.

        Cruise Control .NET is used for trig

    • May
      • Bug in DXCore 2.2.2
        Some users of Code Style Enforcer have complained about DXCore 2.2.2 together with Code Style Enforcer. There is actually a bug in the latest DXCore, which makes Code Style Enforcer behave strange and report invalid rule violations, e.g. visibility and interface implementations.

        I have re

    • April
      • The CSEIgnoreRule Attribute
        I thought that it could be a good idea to inform you all of the CSEIgnoreRuleAttribute that has been around for some time now. We use it in our project and it is very useful for several reasons.

        First of all it clearly documents the reason for violating the code rule, and thus avoids the

      • Some Thoughts about the Next Beta
        I have received some very nice feedback from developers using the latest beta version of CSE. Therefore the next most prioritized features to be implemented are:

        An easier and more user friendly way to choose between local or global, i.e. shared, rules for a solution.


    • March
      • Code Style Enforcer Beta Updated
        I have now updated Code Style Enforcer, after receiving a bug report, that caused problems with selection in the code editor after invoking the context menu for rule violations.

        I also added activation/deactivation of Code Style Enforcer to the context menu of the Visual Studio solution.<

      • Custom Actions and Upgrade Installations Cause Problems
        I ran into this problem when making an upgrade installation of Code Style Enforcer. The problem is that Code Style Enforcer uses custom install/uninstall actions in order to locate and ensure that the correct DXCore version is installed, among other things.

        When doing an upgrade installat

      • Code Style Enforcer Beta Finally Here
        Well, it is Sunday evening and I promised a beta version this week and believe it or not, but the beta version 2.1.0 of Code Style Enforcer is finally here.

        Please try it out and give me some feedback of both possible bugs or features wished for. Make sure to read the included "readm

    • February
      • Beta Version is Coming!!!
        Now my new apartment is finally fully renovated and I have also managed to get myself and all my furnitures in. Therefore I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate with a Beta of the upcoming Code Style Enforcer version.

        I will probably publish the beta release this week and rest as

      • Where Is the Next Version of Code Style Enforcer
        Well, what can I say, my apartment is undergoing a total renovation and my work area is occupied by paint buckets etc. It is almost finised now, so hopefully I will be able to complete the last few things real soon. Trust me, it is coming!!!

    • January
      • What New Features to Expect
        I have been waiting for Developer Express to release their next version of DXCore and now that they have I will make the necessary updates before finally releasing the next version of Code Style Enforcer.

        I thought at least that I could tell you what to expect from the new version, both w

  • 2006
    • November
      • Patience Is Everything!
        When now being back in the cold north, after having attended Tech-Ed Europe in Barcelona, I will hopefully have some more time for Code Style Enforcer. December is a very busy month for me though, since I have just bought a new flat that requires a total makeover.

        I am still waiting for t

      • Attending Tech-Ed Barcelona
        On Saturday I am heading down to Barcelona for some vacation, but mainly for the Tech-Ed Developers Conference. I am really looking forward to attend some mind-blowing sessions, who knows maybe I will see some of you there...

        When I get back in about two weeks from now, I hope there will

    • September
      • Status of Code Style Enforcer
        Well, it has taken a little longer than expected to get the next version ready for release.

        The good news are that the "fix name rule violation" feature is almost finished. This means that it will be possible to right click on a name rule violation and select rename with a corre

    • August
      • Thoughts about Future Versions of Code Style Enforcer
        I can inform you that the team behind Code Style Enforcer has recently doubled up, which means that it now consists of two developers instead of one.

        I have also received some feedback from people that have used the plug-in for a while and we are now working on some major changes. First o

      • Course in Windows Communication Foundation
        I am currently away attending the WCF Master Class with Juval Lwy, from IDesign, who actually is the man behind the C# Coding Standard that we base our default code rules on. I can truly recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in the future of .NET development, which by

      • Developer Express Writes About Code Style Enforcer
        It always feels good when someone gets their eyes on something that you have developed. It is even more fun when it is the company behind the framework you are using.

        Developer Express, the company behind DXCore, has posted an interview about the development of the Code Style Enforcer plu

    • July
      • Code Style Enforcer A DXCore Plug-In for Visual Studio
        Now it is time to finally make my DXCore plug-in available to the public. For those of you who do not know what DXCore is, I suggest you visit Developer Express which is the company behind this incredible extensibility framework for Visual Studio .NET.

        So what does this plug-in do? Well,

      • The Beginning of My Blogging Era
        Well, what can I say, blogging today has become like the number one thing to do if you want to be seen, heard or simply laughed at.

        I am not sure which of these three things that is the reason for me to start this blog, maybe a combination, time will tell...

        One reason, probabl