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Quick Navigation in CodeRush 
Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 09:11 AM - CodeRush/Refactor!
A lot of Resharper people are complaining about the lack of CTRL + T (Go to type) feature in CodeRush, but I can now happily announce that a similar feature does exist.

The feature is called QuickNav in CodeRush and it must be manually configured in the DevExpress Options menu. Below the IDE category, you'll find Shortcuts where it's possible to change the key combination for a certain Command or add new ones. In order for the QuickNav to work optimal for both finding types and members to Shortcuts must be added.

I've mapped the "Go to type" feature to "CTRL + T", with QuickNav as command and AllTypes, , AllVisibilities, CurrentSolution as parameters (note the empty members param).

In order to get the "Go to member" feature, I've mapped it to "CTRL + ." with QuickNav as command and AllTypes, AllMembers, AllVisibilities, CurrentFile as parameters.

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